The Best Lawn Mower Is? – Envelope Please!

Lawn is one of the most labour intensive plants on earth. Well, only if you want it to look like a bowling green. Whether your goal is to grow a bowling green quality lawn or you simply need to fill that open space in your front yard, all lawns require mowing, and often.

Mowing lawns is made a lot easier when you are using the correct lawn mower for the type, and shape of your lawned area. The range and functions of modern mowers are wide and varied however, there are a few basic things you need to be sure of before making your decision on which is the best lawn mower for your lawn.

Before you even think about looking at lawn mowers, take a look at your lawn first. The type and shape of your lawn will tell you which mower is needed. With that understood all your other decisions are purely optional.


  • Is your lawn on a slope or Flat?
    • Pushing and pulling a lawn mower up and down inclines is hard work. If this is your lawn, you will need a self powered mower.
  • How much lawn do you have?
    • If you have about an acre or more of lawn forget using a push or walk behind mower. You will need to look at riding lawn mowers.
  • How many curves, flower beds and obstacles do you have?
    • You might want the deluxe model mower with all the bells and whistles, but how big will it be? Can you manoeuvre it around your garden?
  • Is your grass thick, medium or thin?
    Finer blade grasses such as Kentucky Bluegrass, Creeping Red Fescue are better mowed with a notched or rolled hi-lift blades. Coarser blade grass such as Perennial and Annual Ryegrass are better mowed with a toothed or mulching blade.


These are the basic criteria you should answer before looking at push or riding lawn mowers that may suit your environment.

Speaking of environment, electric lawn mowers, battery powered lawn mowers and hand powered reel mowers are becoming more popular. However, these mowers are best suited for small yards. Hand powered mowers have no motor, simple in design they require you to physically push and pull to operate. Electric powered mowers will need to be close to a power source while battery operated mowers have a short power life. Around an hour.

You should now have a good idea which group of mowers will best suit your lawn. From here, budget permitting, you may wish to include a few functional options to help make the job of mowing your lawn a little more enjoyable.

Consider including optional extras such as these:


  • A blade-brake clutch will allow you to set your powered mower in idle, freeing you hands to move obstacles or deal with any emergencies.
  • Hydrostatic drives – these drives give you instant control over the speed of your powered mower. Even reverse.
  • Electric ignition – Beats pulling the cord.
  • 3-in-1. These mowers allow you to mulch, bag, or discharge clippings. As a compost, mulching and depositing fine clippings can be very beneficial for your lawn, and it’s free.
  • Modern plastic deck – Modern plastic instead of steel or aluminum alloys for the deck (the bit that covers the blades) are almost impossible to break or corrode.


Mowing the lawn doesn’t have to be a chore. With the range of options available today, modern walk behind lawn mowers and riding lawn mowers will almost mow the lawn themselves.

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About the author– Mario Matassa is an enthusiastic researcher and an avid believer in understanding what you are buying before you buy. Arming yourself with knowledge before you enter negotiations to purchase products will give you the best chance to gain real value for your hard earned money and emerge a victor.